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OnSceneFX Makeup Company

We are Ottawa's Special FX Makeup Company, in the heart of Westboro. We Cater to the film and TV industry, event makeup transformations, Halloween makeup, as well as Casualty Simulation (moulage).

It all started very innocent trying to do wounds, to make my First Aid classes more interesting. I was never happy with the simplicity of the overall outcome. I always wanted more realism. So, in 2012 we made it official and started ON SCENE FX! A lot of time and devotion has brought ON SCENE FX to where it is today. We can say with great confidence, that now we can bring your imagination to life.

Having worked as a Paramedic, trained as a Firefighter and volunteered as a Search and Rescue Tech, I can say that training is key. When scenario based casualty simulations are used, students feel more confident in their skill, they are more psychologically ready and test scores are higher. The use of moulage in training is used by emergency workers for these very reasons. Studies show there is remarkable improvement in reaction times and skill level.

Has your company had a first aid course recently? Do you or your employees feel ready? Would you know what to do and do it quickly? If you answered no to any of these or are unsure, On Scene Fx can help you. We can not only provide the casualty simulation makeup but also assess your company's readiness.

We use the newest innovations in prosthetic works and makeup. We believe your training is enriched the more realistic the makeup is. This is NOT your local Halloween prosthetic appliance. Our prosthetics are the same used by the Hollywood industry, both in realism and resiliency.

We also cater to Halloween aficionados and movie projects. We can make your makeup turn heads. Stand above the rest and be noticed.

We find that many people want to share in the joy of creating their own makeup. So, we also offer Special Effects makeup courses. We start basic and work ourselves up. These courses correspond with Casualty Simulation and Halloween type makeup, but can go into much higher levels if the need is there.

We have the know-how and the manpower to help you with large scale events. Be it a zombie event or high scale Gala, we will make sure no one gets left behind. Everyone deserves to look good.

Let us take care of your makeup needs. It will be a REAL pleasure.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.